Lions and peacocks and frosting… Oh my!

There’s two more weeks of Fall Semester left so that means we’re freaking out! We must FOCUS FOCUS FOCUS~

Unfortunately, we didn’t get to cook today (rescheduled to Saturday), so this is our first non-food post. I was busy finishing up a painting for an art show I’m taking part in. I usually paint with watercolor, but I’m slowly experimenting with acrylic. Here’s the finished piece:


As you can see, I was working with a lot of texture. A couple of people even told me the texture resembled frosting. Frosted peacock……yum? Yeah, not really. Anyways, this was done in one day, and I liked how it turned out! It’s different from my usual work, but it’s good to take risks sometimes. If you zoom in or see it in person, you can see more details.

The other piece I submitted was done with gesso on canvas.


I absolutely LOVE lions, so this piece is a personal favorite of mine. This also took me a day to complete, and all I used on this piece was black gesso. Julius and I couldn’t attend opening night, so I’m not sure what people said about my work. I’m happy with the results though.

Can’t wait to cook tomorrow!


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