First Attempt: Red Velvet Cake Balls


…Yeah no “clever” title this time. I doubt anyone misses it (heheh).

I really thought I’d be a lot more productive during this semester break. Sorry for neglecting you, 50FirstCakes! Although I haven’t been posting, I sure have been baking. I still have two more posts to write! Let’s get going then shall we?

My relationship with red velvet cake is well…neutral? It tastes good, but I’m not totally in love with it. I bake it because it seems like everyone ELSE loves it, and I hate to disappoint. As you can see from the first photo, I was a little sloppy this time. I find it funny that it looks like the cake ball is sweaty. I know. I’m weird. Oh! And unfortunately, Julius wasn’t there for most of the process. I missed him!


I used the same recipe from the previous red velvet cupcake attempt. This would be the first time I made it into a cake though. Things seemed to be going okay until we realized that we didn’t have the right sized cake pan! (9″ x 13″). I think we used a 8″ x 12″ pan. Normal people would transfer some of the batter to another cake pan, but not me! So this was my result…


Horrible, ain’t it? Not only did its guts spill out, but look at those cracks! Yikes. I messed up big time. Good thing I was making cake balls, or this cake would be useless. After getting over my failure, I scraped the (baked) part of the cake into my mixer, dumped in some cream cheese icing, and started beating until a dough formed.


Because Guam is  so hot, I decided to refrigerate the dough overnight so rolling it would be a lot easier.


I also decided to freeze it a little longer than recommended since I couldn’t turn on the air conditioner at the time. While the dough balls were freezing, I decided to read up on melting chocolate since it would be my first time doing so. I used a home made double boiler, and the whole process went smoothly.



Another fun part was rolling the cake balls in chocolate! Even though I was a little sloppy, I had a good time. I rolled the cake balls in batches of four at a time because I was scared they would become too soft if they sat out too long. Ehhh they weren’t coated evenly, but that’s okay. As you can see the final product wasn’t pretty. In my opinion, they were a little too sweet. However, others liked it (especially my brother). I think it’s really up to the eater.


First attempt: Not a total failure!


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