“Full Kitchen” : Angel Food Cupcakes


This is the first dish we made together. At the time, we had no intentions of starting a project. We just felt like baking on that day.

Before we started, I put on my personal copy of the Korean drama Full House. I thought it would be fun to watch while we were baking. Plus, the soundtrack is amazing. Fun, light, and upbeat instrumentals filled the room while we got down to business. I’m just going to share a link to one of the songs. Lalalala~


Anyways, back to the actual cooking! We used a cake boxed mix for baking our angel food cupcakes. Mixing it was simple enough because all we needed to do was add water. In fact, I never knew that angel food cake was a health food. I’ve always loved it for the taste, and when I found out that it was healthy, I was like WHAT?! Now I want to eat it FOR-EH-VUR.

After mixing, I put the trays in the preheated oven. There were directions on the box, but I wanted to keep a close eye on them because I’ve overcooked pastries before (not gonna lie, I’ve overcooked many pastries before). It said to “bake until the tops are golden brown and cracks are completely dry,” so I set a timer on my phone to notify me after 18 minutes passed.

While the cupcakes were baking, we started on the frosting, which was my favorite part because we were making it from scratch! We wanted to make a simple vanilla whipped cream by using whipping cream, vanilla extract, and sugar. At the time, we did not have a mixer so we had to beat the mixture ourselves. We had no idea what we were doing and how long and fast we should be beating the mixture, but we tried anyway. We kept mixing and mixing and mixing. At first, nothing was happening. Julius and I just kept taking turns mixing the ingredients. And after several minutes and four tired arms, the mixture got thicker! We were so excited after that. And it tasted great!

The cupcakes looked (and smelled) good when they came out of the oven. We set them out to cool, and continued to watch Full House while waiting. Here’s another link to a song. (Yes, I love this drama so much. I don’t care what anyone says). So after an hour or two we took the frosting out of the refrigerator and slapped it on the cupcakes with a spoon. We cut up some strawberries for a final touch and voila! We succeeded in our first baking attempt together. Hopefully we survive this Friday’s recipe — hint hint: we’ll be baking from scratch this time!


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