First Attempt: Red Velvet Cake Balls

…Yeah no “clever” title this time. I doubt anyone misses it (heheh). I really thought I’d be a lot more productive during this semester break. Sorry for neglecting you, 50FirstCakes! Although I haven’t been posting, I sure have been baking. I still have two more posts to write! Let’s get going then shall we? My […]

Katamari Dama-cookies: Snickerdoodles!

I tried with the title, okay? Don’t judge me. Anywhooooo…. Snickerdoodles. The name is awesome, don’t you think? Earlier that day when we were baking, I was wondering how these delicious cookies got their name. According to Wikipedia (I know we’re not supposed to cite from there, but whatevs! School’s almost out, and I’m getting […]

Aki Matsuri: Guam Japanese Autumn Festival 2012

Guam’s 33rd Aki Matsuri, or Japanese Autumn Festival was held on November 24. It usually starts at four in the afternoon, but me and Julius didn’t want to go that early. Guam is friggin’ HOT in the afternoon. We ended up getting to the festival at around 7pm. It was already nighttime and the festival […]

Lions and peacocks and frosting… Oh my!

There’s two more weeks of Fall Semester left so that means we’re freaking out! We must FOCUS FOCUS FOCUS~ Unfortunately, we didn’t get to cook today (rescheduled to Saturday), so this is our first non-food post. I was busy finishing up a painting for an art show I’m taking part in. I usually paint with […]